The Launch Was a Resounding Success, and We’re Just Getting Started

Bots are the scourge of new token launches. Many new projects have been ruined by bad actors who unfairly accumulated large portions of the token supply. To combat this problem, we devised an intricate plan to thwart any bots and whales who might try to buy most of the token supply at rock-bottom prices before anyone else had a chance.

The plan worked flawlessly.

Our Anti-Bot and Anti-Whale Strategy

  • We deployed dozens of dummy contracts to make it difficult for snipers to find our official contract addresses
  • We minted several identically named tokens from multiple token contracts to further confuse people looking for our official token address
  • We implemented a swap limit for trading that only allowed 1% of OAS tokens to be transferred in each transaction
  • We used a decoy deployer wallet to further misdirect potential snipers
  • And we did a few other things that ought to remain secret (so we can still maintain an upper hand of course)

A Beautiful Distribution of Wallet Holders

The OAS token is currently held by approximately 150 wallets, with no one controlling more than 2% of supply. This allows for a strong and healthy foundation from which the Oaswap project can grow.

A chart of the first few hours after token launch reflects the health of the token distribution (granted there was a sell off afterwards due to the big 10–15% crypto market dump that happened today):

Farms are Coming Up Next

We are still hard at work behind the scenes. Farm contracts are ready and they will be online in the next day or two. Get ready to create some OAS-ROSE and OAS-USDT liquidity tokens and stake them to earn more OAS.

You’re also going to get some Oaswap Pools where you can stake OAS by itself and earn rewards.

Check out our roadmap to see what’s coming after that.

Join us in Telegram (we’ll have a Discord up soon as well).




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